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This is the home of the C-Ware IT-Service (public) space.

It would be best if peopple would stop firing frameworks at problems they are having because of other frameworks. Sometimes finding the bottlenecks and refactoring the architecure can do more than any abstraction-layer you hide your real problems under.

It's a strange thing, but whenever I develop Software using Open-Source Tools, really run into trouble. Strangely all the time, I end up using these tools in a way nobody has used them before, even if I think of it being the directest approach (At least they couldn't have because they simply don't work ... at least the way I am using them). Well at least It's something I have gotten used to and the 3GB of third-party-sourcecode on my hard-drive sort of gives a nice warm feeling (wink)

In the meanwhile I think I might have submitted patches and bugfix-reports for about 20 different Projects. Most of the resulted in things getting fixed. 

A lot of times I ended up figguring out one thing and then not needing it again for quite some time (Especially with my Cocoon stuff). Then I need it again and I had to reinvent the wheel, because I have forgotten the solution (If my patches and bugfixes have not found there way to the trunk). So I started writing up my solutions in Word and as soon as I got this neat Confluence for my company, I thought: "Why not document this publically". So this is it. Think of this Confluence-Space as my publically available documentation of several fights with mean Open-Source projects.

Pages with (WIP) in their title indicate that I'm still working on these (Work In Progress). So please be patient.

Currently I have started documenting all my Flexmojos KnowHow so expecially the Flexmojos Section will contain a lot of WIP Pages.

I hope the one or the other tutorial will make someones life a little easier.

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